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Everything you may possibly need to create your block, is there to configure. Here a list of the basic information you can enter for your blocks:

  • Block handle - a lowercase letters and underscores only input field, which will be used to create a unique block folder name. If you enter test_block, a folder within application/blocks will be created with the name test_block (full path: application/blocks/test_block);
  • Name - the human readable name, which is used for YOU to know what block type this is and what it does. This name will be shown in the "add" area in the frontend of your concrete5.7 website. So whenever you need to add a block somewhere, you directly know what this block is and what it does (or should do);
  • Description - a description, explaining what the block does. This will remind you again, in case you may have forgotten after not working with a particular website for some time (or for duplicating this block to multiple other websites);
  • Interface width - the width of the block when popping up over your website;
  • Interface height- the height of the block when popping up over your website;
  • Image/icon - the icon used for the block to be able to distinguish the block with others easily and fast. Create unique icons to make fully use of this feature! Ideally 50x50 pixels. Upon selecting no image, a default questionmark icon will be used;
  • Direct install - whether or not to direct install your block after successfull running the form.
  • Block type set** - You can choose from one of your block type sets to install this block in. Make good use of this for organizing/grouping your blocks. If you make a block which is used for navigating, put it under "Navigation". If it's got something to do with images or media stuff, put it in "Multimedia".
  • Cache block record - If set to true, it caches the block settings lookup;
  • Cache block output - If set to true, block output will be cached
  • Cache block output on post - If set to true, the block output will be cached on post requests
  • Cache block output for registered users - If set to true, the block output will be cached for logged in users as well as guests
  • Cache block output lifetime - The length of time the block cache will last in seconds

** this field will only be available when the direct install option "yes" has been selected

Video tutorial

You want to know how to use block designer? Go watch the video now! You won't have to read any text at all, just watch and listen closely.


Basically, there are not limitations for this addon. If you find some, please report them using the form below. We tend to make this addon as complete as possible.

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Available field types

  • Text box
  • Text area
  • Image
  • Link
  • URL
  • Select (dropdown)
  • Static HTML
  • Number - floats and non floats (as of version 0.9.6)
  • Email (as of version 0.9.7)
  • Datetime picker - View the introduction (as of version 0.9.7)
  • Code - (as of version 0.9.9)
  • Markdown - (as of version 1.0.0)
  • File - (as of version 1.0.2)
  • Youtube - (as of version 1.0.2)
  • Color Picker - (as of version 1.0.3)
  • Stacks - yes, multiple (as of version 1.0.4)

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